Scalock Joins AT&T, Docker, Google, IBM, and Twitter in the CNCF

Scalock Joins AT&T, Docker, Google, IBM, and Twitter in the CNCF

We once again have good news to share: Scalock is participating in another Linux Foundation initiative to help shape the global use of container technology.

It was only last week we announced Scalock has joined nearly 40 leading tech firms in creating common standards for the format and runtime of containers. As a participant of the Open Container Initiative (OCI), a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, we are contributing ideas with the aim that all container software will be secure from the ground up.

Now we’re happy to announce that Scalock will participate in another Linux Foundation Collaborative Project: the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). CNCF will field proposals from a wide array of tech sources to advance the building and maintaining of cloud native distributed systems, which includes container-packaged applications.

While OCI has a specific focus on containers, CNCF looks at cloud applications and how they are developed, deployed, and orchestrated.

Containers run in cloud environments, either public or private. As the container space quickly grows, there’s a great need for the tech industry to holistically look at the challenges of this relatively nascent offering. For CNCF, that means reviewing the place of containers in the context of cloud orchestration and hybrid cloud architectures.

One of the more challenging aspects of securing containers is their ability to run in different cloud environments and move between them. This is the area Scalock will focus on, with the goal of providing the most scalable, unobtrusive – yet robust and secure – solutions.

Containers and cloud native application development lets internet companies efficiently scale their businesses, but they can’t keep pace with the resource-intensive technology. Only if they have the resources, can companies afford to hire experts to integrate and maintain the technologies. CNCF hopes to ease the process by driving alignment among the various cloud native technologies and platforms.

We’re proud to join AT&T, Docker, Google, IBM, Twitter and many other companies in supporting CNCF. We’ll share our contributions and news on how the initiative is progressing.

Amir Jerbi

Amir is the Co-Founder and CTO at Aqua. Amir has 20 years of security software experience in technical leadership positions. Amir co-founded Aqua with the vision of creating a security solution that will be simpler and lighter than traditional security products. Prior to Aqua, he was a Chief Architect at CA Technologies, in charge of the host based security product line, building enterprise grade security products for Global 1000 companies. Amir has 14 cloud and virtual security patents under his belt. In his free time, Amir enjoys backpacking in exotic places.