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AWS Security

Identify Security Risks in AWS CloudFormation Templates with Trivy

Identify Security Risks in AWS CloudFormation Templates with Trivy

Aqua Security’s open source project Trivy now includes scanning of AWS CloudFormation templates to help developers better identify and remediate security issues within infrastructure as code (IaC) templates. Building on the technology and rule sets behind our popular open source project tfsec, Trivy now allows …

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Advanced Workload Protection for AWS Services on Graviton2

Advanced Workload Protection for AWS Services on Graviton2

Moving at the pace of innovation in cloud native infrastructure, Aqua is announcing container security support for the AWS Fargate serverless service now running on Amazon Graviton2 processors. The support for Fargate on Graviton2 container protection, security, and compliance builds on our existing workload …

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Thoughtworks Case Study

How Thoughtworks Manages Cloud Security and Container Vulnerabilities

Many companies, in an effort to modernize their software and cloud tech stacks, are beginning to confront the challenges of managing security across multiple cross-functional, yet independent, teams - each with diverse tech stacks. One such example is Thoughtworks, a leading global technology consultancy that works …

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AWS EKS Anywhere

Securing Kubernetes Everywhere with EKS Anywhere

AWS has taken a major step toward reducing the management complexity of Kubernetes and simplifying deployment across on-premises data centers and public cloud with the general availability of EKS Anywhere. Aqua has worked to ensure that customers can take advantage of EKS Anywhere with holistic Kubernetes-native …

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Forum Engineering Case Study

How Forum Engineering Secures its AI Solution with Aqua

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing how organizations compete and engage with customers, even redefining traditional labor-intensive industries. A great example of this is Forum Engineering, a staffing company from Japan, which developed an AI-based Software-as-a-Service solution to stay ahead of the …

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AWS CloudFormation Public Registry

Provision Aqua on AWS CloudFormation Public Registry with IaC Automation

The availability of AWS CloudFormation Public Registry makes it possible to manage Aqua components using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) workflows just as easily as AWS resource types. You can now seamlessly automate how you deploy and update Aqua as native resource types across multiple accounts and regions.

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AWS ECS Anywhere

Securing Flexible Amazon ECS Anywhere Deployments with Aqua

Today, AWS announced the general availability of ECS Anywhere; a simple but powerful extension of AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to manage containers wherever they run – Aqua has been working closely with AWS to deliver a unified security experience for ECS Anywhere so enterprises can embrace the cloud native …

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Amazon ECS security

Aqua Supports New Amazon ECS Exec Troubleshooting Capability

Aqua has been securing Amazon ECS workloads throughout its evolution and now we are expanding our support to secure Amazon’s new ECS Exec; a simple, secure, and auditable way to execute commands into containers. This new capability extends Aqua’s runtime protection features, including drift prevention, to ensure that …

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The 3 Riskiest Cloud Native AWS Configurations

With dozens of key security configurations possible for EC2 alone, the number of configuration options in AWS can be overwhelming at times. While the complexity is rising, properly – and securely - configured cloud accounts are critical to keeping pace with dynamic infrastructure requirements for a cloud native …

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Cloud Security Posture Management

Infographic: What is CSPM and Why You Need It

As a major trend in 2020, enterprises have been increasingly adopting multi-cloud to elevate efficiency and maintain flexibility and independence. But multi-cloud environments are more complex and harder to secure, leading to more cloud service misconfigurations and breaches. Making matters worse, many organizations …

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AWS EKS Security

Secure your Digital Transformation on Amazon EKS-Distro with Aqua

The cloud is fundamental for digital transformation, but for many organizations, a hybrid approach is preferred. This ideally allows you to use the very same foundational tools on-prem as your destination in the cloud. Well, now you can do just that with Amazon EKS-Distro (EKS-D), a new Kubernetes distribution that …

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