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Securing the Cloud Native Transition for Windows Applications on AKS

As a critical next step in securing Microsoft Windows containers running on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Aqua Security has worked with Microsoft to make it easy for customers to deploy, upgrade, and auto scale deployment of cloud runtime security, assurance enforcement, networking segmentation and monitoring for …

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securing windows containers on GKE

Aqua Partners with GCP to Secure Windows Containers on GKE

Windows containers have recently been gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the delivery of .NET applications and SQL server containers. Aqua Security has been working diligently with the Google Cloud team to support the launch of the new Windows GKE. This allows Aqua users to secure their GKE deployments using …

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"Jack-in-the-Box" Vulnerability When Unpacking Images (CVE-2018-8115)

Last week, Michael Hanselmann published details of a remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2018-8115) that impacts Docker for Windows. As he described it: “Docker for Windows uses the Windows Host Compute Service Shim published and maintained by Microsoft. Its use of Go's “filepath.Join” function with unsanitized …

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DockerCon 2017 blog.png

DockerCon 2017: Moby, LinuxKit, Linux Containers on Windows, and More

Last week I attended DockerCon along with many of my colleagues at Aqua. It was a great event, with over 5,000 attendees, making it the biggest DockerCon ever. Also, this year 20% of attendees were women - still room for improvement, but we’re on the right track. As usual, it was packed with interesting announcements …

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Aqua Now Supports Windows Containers

Aqua Now Supports Windows Containers and Visual Studio Team Services

Last month we attended Microsoft Ignite, the biggest event for Microsoft professionals that covers everything in Microsoft’s vast enterprise infrastructure, applications and cloud services portfolio. During that same week we announced our Series A funding by Microsoft Ventures.

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