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Gartner Market Guide 2021

Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide to Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Gartner recently published the updated Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms*. It outlines the core capabilities and architectural considerations that buyers must evaluate when protecting cloud workloads, but crucially in this update Gartner has refined the scope of CWPP, added new key requirements, …

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GitLab Case Study

How GitLab Innovates DevOps Security Using Aqua Trivy

Digital leaders must adapt, scale, and fine-tune their operations and the solutions they provide to their customers to keep up with market demands. GitLab provides a complete DevOps platform in a single application to help developers and engineers across all industries to be successful. With many high-profile …

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Cloud Native Security

Cloud Native Best Practices: Security Policies in CI/CD Pipelines

With the continual leftward shifting movement of traditional DevOps responsibilities, organizations can now detect security issues earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GoCD, or Bamboo, organizations can continually develop, test, and ship applications. As …

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BeerSecOps Podcast

BeerSecOps: Podcasts About Dev, Sec, Ops, and Everything in Between

Steve Giguere is a DevSecOps Architect and Evangelist for Aqua. He spends his days working with organizations adopting cloud native technologies and how they can effectively secure their applications in the (relatively) new world of microservices. The evangelist part of him enjoys educating and learning from other …

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DevSecOps with Trivy and GitHub Actions

The premise of DevSecOps is that in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), each member is responsible for security. This unifies the operations and development teams in terms of security operations. DevSecOps’ goal is to add security to each step of the development process by integrating security controls and …

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Devsecops pipeline

Shift Security Left, Then Shift Up

Many of you may be familiar with the shift left security approach in which security is built in at an early stage of the application development life cycle. It is easier and more effective to do it early, rather than discover security issues later in the game, when applications are already deployed. When issues are …

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DevSecOps Survey

DevSecOps in Forward-Thinking Organizations

The DevSecOps Day event during the recent RSA conference gathered IT and security professionals from around the globe. We used that opportunity to ask them how they see the fast-emerging discipline of DevSecOps. Since respondents were those who chose to attend a DevSecOps event, they represent a more advanced …

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Container Security for DevSecOps

DevSecOps Will Ensure That Time-to-Market and Security Don’t Clash

According to a recent survey by Veracode, 52% of developers worry that application security will delay development and threaten deadlines. This is huge percentage, especially considering how crucial finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities is to any development effort.

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Container security in the enterprise DevSecOps

Survey: DevSecOps Own Enterprise Containerized Application Security

There’s a lot going on in the container world. Just last month we learned that Docker added Kubernetes support to their platform in a move that clearly indicates Kubernetes’ dominance in the container orchestration world. Prior to that, Kubernetes added RBAC Authorization and Support for Outbound Network Policies …

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Top resources for DevSecOps

10 Top Talks and Resources About DevSecOps

One of the most distinctive traits of DevOps is agility. The development cycle is not only fast, but also divided into multiple components that are constantly updated. At runtime, constant updates and at times episodic workloads, challenge the security of any environment.

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DevSecOps experts

Top 12 Experts Leading the DevSecOps Path

Evangelists for DevSecOps integration are building interest in the discipline and providing an understanding of the power of using a DevSecOps approach. In this post we’ll look at the best, of the best, DevSecOps pioneers.

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