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Kubernetes Security

K8s Secrets

Why You Shouldn’t Use Config Maps to Store Sensitive Data in K8s

One of the challenges of managing containerized environments is how to store sensitive information that’s needed for the operation of the applications running in those environments. Kubernetes provides a built-in secrets object type, but a common comment about them is that, from a technical standpoint, they’re just …

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Kubernetes 1.21

Kubernetes Version 1.21: What You Need to Know

As with every new Kubernetes release there are a great number of new features, however there are a couple of key changes which could have impacts to security and are worth looking at in more details. In addition to the deprecation of PodSecurityPolicies, we’ll also look at some newly promoted features being put in …

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JDWP Misconfigurations

JDWP Misconfiguration in Container Images and K8s

Java Debug Wire Protocol (JDWP) is a great way to remotely debug applications during development. However, if enabled when shipped to production, hackers can exploit this mistake by running an arbitrary code that allows initial access or privilege escalation in your production environment. Using Aqua’s Dynamic …

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Starboard integration with Lens Kubernetes IDE

Discover Security Risks with Starboard Extension for Lens Kubernetes IDE

When the Mirantis team announced the Lens Extensions API back in November 2020, we were excited to experiment with it and build an extension for Starboard, our open source Kubernetes native security toolkit. True to DevSecOps principles, the integration makes security reports accessible within Lens IDE, giving you …

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Kubernetes Pod Security policy

Kubernetes Pod Security Policy Deprecation: All You Need to Know

To improve your Kubernetes security, you need to control and limit what pods can be created and deployed in your environment. For this, Kubernetes has provided a beta feature called Pod Security Policy (PSP), which soon will be deprecated and replaced with a standard called Pod Security Standards (PSS). In this …

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Kubernetes vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning for Kubernetes Applications: Why and How

If you’re looking to improve the security posture of your Kubernetes applications, you can get a lot of bang for your buck with vulnerability scanning. In this blog, I’ll talk about the fundamentals of scanning container images: how to pick a vulnerability scanner, when to use it in the application pipeline, and …

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KubeSec Kubernetes security conference

KubeSec Enterprise Online North America Kicks Off!

Looking for a great start to the year? We got you covered! For the fifth time, Aqua will host the KubeSec Enterprise Summit, an industry event entirely dedicated to the security of cloud native applications. While we’re looking forward to connecting with you all in-person again someday, we are also, as was the case …

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Kubernetes RBAC Apolicy 5.3

Evaluating and Enforcing Least Privilege in Kubernetes with Aqua KSPM

This blog was co-authored with Maor Goldberg, Founder & CEO at Apolicy

Overly permissive defaults associated with roles and K8s subjects, such as service accounts, add risks to the attack surface of Kubernetes. And attempting to manually understand these risks and enforce least privilege rights in a Kubernetes …

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AWS EKS Security

Secure your Digital Transformation on Amazon EKS-Distro with Aqua

The cloud is fundamental for digital transformation, but for many organizations, a hybrid approach is preferred. This ideally allows you to use the very same foundational tools on-prem as your destination in the cloud. Well, now you can do just that with Amazon EKS-Distro (EKS-D), a new Kubernetes distribution that …

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10 Kubernetes Management Platforms

Which Kubernetes Management Platform is Right for You?

The adoption of Kubernetes has more than doubled since 2017 and continues to grow without any signs of slowing down. Over the last few years, the Kubernetes ecosystem has significantly matured, and we’ve seen a lot of consolidation in the market. It now spans a wide range of well-established cloud and on-premises …

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Kubernetes Vulnerability Security threat

Threat Alert: Market-First Container Image Built to Attack Kubernetes Clusters

Aqua’s Team Nautilus has uncovered a container image that, for the first time, allows bad actors to find and exploit vulnerabilities in Kubernetes clusters. The attackers propagate this malware through a Docker Hub lookalike account intended to dupe developers into downloading malicious images. To the best of our …

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