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Unveiling CNDR: eBPF-Based Cloud Native Detection and Response

Unveiling CNDR: eBPF-Based Cloud Native Detection and Response

Today, Aqua announced the addition of a new, industry-leading detection and response capability to its Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), called Cloud Native Detection and Response (CNDR). CNDR uses real-time behavioral indicators from Aqua’s cyber research team, Nautilus, to identify zero-day …

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IBM Power10

Aqua Delivers Cloud Native Security for IBM Power10 Workloads

Designed to serve as a high-performance, scalable engine for containerization, IBM today launched its IBM Power10-based IBM Power E1080 server. In tandem, we are excited to announce that Aqua Security is the first cloud native security PartnerWorld partner for the IBM Power E1080.

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Cloud Native Security

Securing Cloud Native Applications: Your Checklist

Cloud native development brings tremendous benefits of speed and agility, but existing security approaches break down as organizations migrate their workloads to containers. What fundamental capabilities do you need to secure modern applications deployed in these increasingly dynamic environments? Use our cloud …

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Cloud native threats

Cloud Native Threat Report: How Quickly Will You Be Attacked?

The cloud native threat landscape is evolving fast, with 50% of vulnerable targets getting attacked within only one hour. While adversaries are constantly advancing their techniques to craft more sophisticated and targeted attacks, organizations are leaving themselves exposed. Aqua’s 2021 Cloud Native Threat Report

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AWS CloudFormation Public Registry

Provision Aqua on AWS CloudFormation Public Registry with IaC Automation

The availability of AWS CloudFormation Public Registry makes it possible to manage Aqua components using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) workflows just as easily as AWS resource types. You can now seamlessly automate how you deploy and update Aqua as native resource types across multiple accounts and regions.

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Supply chain attacks

Supply Chain Attacks and Cloud Native: What You Need to Know

The past couple of years have seen a rise in software supply chain attacks, with the most salient example being the Solarwinds attack. As production environments have gained multiple layers of protection, and much of the attention of security teams, malicious actors have set their sights on “poisoning the well”, …

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Darkbit Blog image-1

Bridging the Cloud Native Security Gap: Why Darkbit Joined Aqua

With extensive hands-on experience in cloud native security, we founded Darkbit to help organizations address security risks in their ever-growing and changing cloud environments. As the next chapter in our journey, we’re now joining forces with Aqua to realize this shared vision, helping deliver best in class …

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06-21 K8s Upgrades & Visibility Blog Image

Improving Your K8s Security: Upgrade Your Clusters and Avoid Exposure

With the move to cloud native development comes potentially increased risk of services that are exposed to the Internet and can easily be discovered by attackers. When combined with the fast pace of change in Kubernetes versions, there’s real risk of being one vulnerability away from a security incident. Recently I …

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Automatically Secure Your CI/CD Pipelines Using Tracee GitHub Action

In my previous post, I covered how you can secure your CI/CD pipeline with Tracee from potentially malicious code executions. We’re now releasing Tracee GitHub Action, which makes using Tracee a plug-n-play experience and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of eBPF or Docker. We’re also introducing a new capability …

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AWS ECS Anywhere

Securing Flexible Amazon ECS Anywhere Deployments with Aqua

Today, AWS announced the general availability of ECS Anywhere; a simple but powerful extension of AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) to manage containers wherever they run – Aqua has been working closely with AWS to deliver a unified security experience for ECS Anywhere so enterprises can embrace the cloud native …

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Aqua Enterprise vs Aqua Trivy: What’s Best for You?

Anyone looking to improve the security posture of their cloud native applications knows that a vulnerability scanner is an important tool to add to the toolkit. Automating vulnerability scanning into your build pipeline can reduce the likelihood of successful attacks and help protect your containerized workloads. …

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