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Tracee Runtime Security Series: Easy Installation on Kubernetes

Tracee Runtime Security Series: Easy Installation on Kubernetes

Despite best efforts to harden Kubernetes environments, prevention will never be enough and attackers are finding ways to evade shift-left and other preventative capabilities. It is critical to be able to detect and respond in real time to attacks within Kubernetes clusters. Tracee, an open source runtime security …

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The Story of Tracee The Path to Runtime Security Tool

The Story of Tracee: The Path to Runtime Security Tool

eBPF technology is seeing strong growth, being widely adopted in the cloud native ecosystem for monitoring, networking, and security goals. At Aqua, along with being used in commercial products, eBPF powers our open source project Tracee to detect events in running containers.

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Aqua open source license

Simplifying Our Open Source Contributor License Agreement

At Aqua, we develop leading open source security tools, which are widely adopted by the cloud native community and industry at large. To us, open sourcing our technology is more than just making its source code available, it’s about making the project widely used and encouraging people to participate. Beyond using …

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CORE Tracee eBPF

Using CO:RE to Achieve Portable Tracee eBPF Code

One of the biggest challenges of eBPF development is distribution of your eBPF project. With so many different versions of the Linux kernel out in the wild, it seems like an impossible task to compile your eBPF program against all of them to ensure compatibility. However, by using CO:RE, a feature of libbpf, this …

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GitLab Case Study

How GitLab Innovates DevOps Security Using Aqua Trivy

Digital leaders must adapt, scale, and fine-tune their operations and the solutions they provide to their customers to keep up with market demands. GitLab provides a complete DevOps platform in a single application to help developers and engineers across all industries to be successful. With many high-profile …

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Trivy's Journey: From Personal Project to Open Source Scanner of Choice

Trivy is a comprehensive, easy-to-use open source vulnerability scanner for container images. Since its introduction two years ago, the project has gained a broad following among open source community members. I’m excited to share that it has now become the first container image vulnerability scanner to surpass …

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Infrastructure as Code

Taking IaC Security to the Next Level: Why TFsec Joined Aqua

Coming from a software engineering background, we built tfsec to help developers like us scan their infrastructure-as-code (IaC) templates and prevent cloud misconfigurations from being deployed. Teams at the world’s leading organizations are now leveraging tfsec to “shift left” and introduce security earlier in …

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Automatically Secure Your CI/CD Pipelines Using Tracee GitHub Action

In my previous post, I covered how you can secure your CI/CD pipeline with Tracee from potentially malicious code executions. We’re now releasing Tracee GitHub Action, which makes using Tracee a plug-n-play experience and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of eBPF or Docker. We’re also introducing a new capability …

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LSM Hooks with Tracee

Using LSM Hooks with Tracee to Overcome Gaps with Syscall Tracing

Tracee is an open source runtime security and forensics tool for Linux, built to address common Linux security issues. By leveraging the advantages of Linux extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF) technology to trace systems and applications at runtime, Tracee analyzes collected events to detect suspicious …

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Aqua Enterprise vs Aqua Trivy: What’s Best for You?

Anyone looking to improve the security posture of their cloud native applications knows that a vulnerability scanner is an important tool to add to the toolkit. Automating vulnerability scanning into your build pipeline can reduce the likelihood of successful attacks and help protect your containerized workloads. …

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CIS K8s Benchmark Compliance & Starboard

Automating CIS Kubernetes Benchmark Compliance with Starboard Operator

Last year, we first released Starboard Operator, which automates vulnerability scanning and configuration auditing of Kubernetes workloads. We’re now pleased to announce the latest release (v0.10), which is focused on infrastructure and adds CIS Kubernetes Benchmark testing using kube-bench. The operator …

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