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Rory McCune Cloud native security at Aqua

Learning is Easier When You Are Well Hydrated: Why I Joined Aqua

Having just joined Aqua Security feels a lot like a destination on a journey I started back in 2014. I was doing a security architecture review for a company and where I would usually have expected to see some virtual machines or even physical servers (remember those!) instead some of their supporting applications …

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Aqua CyberCenter: Elevating Vulnerability Scanning Beyond the NVD

The National Vulnerability Database (NVD), while a valuable source of vulnerability information, is inadequate for today’s cloud native ecosystem and the teams tasked with protecting it. The complex array of platforms, technologies, and deployment methodologies at play in cloud native environments means that …

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Aqua Security 1Bn company

Aqua at Age Five: Recognized Market Leader and $1 Billion Company

Today we reached an important milestone in our 5-year history – in a single funding round we’ve more than doubled our venture funding to date and achieved a valuation of $1Bn, often referred to as “unicorn” status. While I’m thrilled to have reached this milestone with Aqua, it’s not the valuation itself that I’m …

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Forensics in Cloud Native Environments

Cloud Native Forensics: Challenges and Best Practices

As no individual, business, or government is immune from being the victim of the next large-scale cyberattack, organizations need capabilities to help identify, contain, and investigate what seems like an inevitable incident. By performing forensic analysis, you can gain and leverage valuable insights to take the …

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Acting on Cloud Native Security Data with Splunk

With no shortage of attacks targeting the cloud native stack, having a holistic view of your environment is paramount to contain and mitigate the attack, as well as to perform forensic analysis after the fact. In order to provide you with deeper insights into malicious and suspicious activity in your cloud native …

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cloud native security myths

Debunking the Top Cloud Native Security Myths

There is no shortage of myths in cloud native security, and we made our own list of the top seven cloud native security myths. Achieving compliance in the cloud and cloud providers’ responsibilities are the top two from that list.
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The 3 Riskiest Cloud Native AWS Configurations

With dozens of key security configurations possible for EC2 alone, the number of configuration options in AWS can be overwhelming at times. While the complexity is rising, properly – and securely - configured cloud accounts are critical to keeping pace with dynamic infrastructure requirements for a cloud native …

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Aqua Security 5.3 Dashboard

Operationalize Your Cloud Native Security with Aqua’s New Dashboard

Utilizing advanced cloud native tools without the ability to effectively unify, track, and display current conditions can create significant gaps in your security coverage. By ensuring complete visibility into your security posture across your environment, you can quickly identify key issues and prioritize them for …

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Kubernetes Security with Starboard Operator

Automating Kubernetes Security Reporting with Starboard Operator by Aqua

Back in June 2020, we released Starboard – an open source toolkit that integrates security tools into a Kubernetes environment. We’re now happy to announce a new Starboard Operator that automates the generation of security reports in your K8s cluster. Using Starboard Operator, you can rely on the tools you’re …

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AWS Bottlerocket

Securing Container Workloads on AWS Bottlerocket

We’ve been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to extend the Aqua cloud native security platform to support AWS Bottlerocket — a purpose-built, Linux-based, open source OS for running containers on virtual machines or bare metal hosts — which is now GA. This combined effort ensures that AWS customers who use …

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cloud native security

Bringing Unconstrained Flexibility to Cloud Native Security

In the four short years since we launched Aqua and started our cloud native journey, we have all experienced dramatic change. During this time, we brought several new products to market. We witnessed the rise of Docker, then its decline. We recognized the growing popularity of Kubernetes and pivoted our …

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