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What to Look Forward to at DockerCon 2016


While there are several conferences on containers that we attend and sponsor, it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that DockerCon, coming up this month, is a big deal.

It’s the event that sets the tone for the budding container ecosystem and their users, and DockerCon 16 should be no exception. 4,000 people are expected to attend this year’s conference – which is to be held June 19-21 in Seattle – to compare experiences and look ahead to the future of distributed apps built with containers.

Aqua will be there in force. This is our first DockerCon conference with an expanded team and under our new name, and more importantly, with a product on the market and out of beta. We expect to be very busy, but it’s not too late to schedule a time to meet with us.

I’m also happy to share that our own Tsvi Korren, senior director of technical services, will be presenting on Monday, June 20, at the Ecosystem Expo & Community Theater which is right by the lunch area on the expo floor. Tsvi’s talk, “Keeping Your Images Honest: Image Integrity and Security Throughout the CI/CD Process”, will demonstrate how to integrate compliance and security checks into your pipeline and how to produce a secure, verifiable image.

There will also be interesting sessions to attend:

  • Solomon Hykes, the founder and CTO of Docker will give a keynote. I don’t know what it will include, but no doubt there will be some major product announcements and customer case studies, as well as glimpses into what we can expect on the roadmap.
  • Gareth Rushgrove, senior software engineer at Puppet, will lead a discussion on how an “explosion” of Dockerfiles has created a need for higher-level tools.
  • Michele Titolo, lead software engineer at Capital One, will show how Docker can be used to make “friendly” microservices for customers. And Chris Richardson, founder of Eventuate, will talk about using an event-driven architecture to maintain data consistency when deploying microservices. Meet With Us At DockerCon 2016!
  • Mike Goelzer, product manager of core runtime at Docker, and Andrea Luzzardi, the Swarm project lead at Docker, will discuss what’s coming up for their company in 2016 and beyond in a “What’s New in Docker” session.
  • On Tuesday the 21st, the closing day of the conference, there’s a potentially fascinating track session called “Sharding Containers: Make Go Apps Computer-friendly Again.” It will look at how automatic load-sharing with Docker helps reduce possible inferior performance by Go apps in high-load applications. The talk will be led by Andrey Sibiryov, a senior infrastructure engineer at Uber Technologies.

DockerCon 2016 will give us a chance to meet like-minded professionals and learn about the latest developments, best practices and solutions for Docker and container apps. It will be a welcome opportunity to travel to Seattle and chat with developers, DevOps people, and Docker experts about what they’re doing with Docker and how their usage of Docker is expanding.  

Hoping to meet you there, and drop by booth #S14 any time to get a t-shirt or win something cool :)


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