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Docker 1.10 Security Features, part 2: Authorization Plug-In

In the first part of this trilogy we focused on Docker 1.10 and its seccomp capabilities. In this post we’ll explore the authorization plug-in architecture, another feature which was released as[…]

New Docker Security Features and What They Mean: Seccomp Profiles

The new Docker 1.10 release has a host of new features, among them several security improvements that merit the attention of anyone using Docker to develop and run applications. I’d like to focus[…]

New Partnership with Sumo Logic Simplifies Security Alerts and Logging Process

We recently partnered with Sumo Logic to integrate Scalock’s solution with their continuous intelligence platform. Customers will now find it easier to make sense of the container security alerts[…]

Scalock joins AT&T, Docker, Google, IBM, Twitter and others in the Cloud native Computing Foundation

We once again have good news to share: Scalock is participating in another Linux Foundation initiative to help shape the global use of container technology.

Scalock Joins Open-source Standards Initiative for Containers

It’s an exciting time to be a startup in the container industry. Containers are transforming how businesses develop and run applications – and Scalock is at the forefront of this technological shift,[…]

DockerCon Embraces Container Security